Apple bought AI startup Darwin AI, what are the future plans?

The world’s renowned technology company Apple has purchased the Canadian AI company DarwinAI. At the beginning of 2024, Apple acquired Darwin AI.

Recently, the world’s biggest technology companies have been in the race for AI. Microsoft, Google, and Meta have advanced a lot in the race for AI. However, Apple is still behind in the race of AI compared to other companies.

Now Apple is also planning to move forward in the race for AI. Accordingly, DarwinAI, a well-known company that makes the system small and agile, has been acquired. According to Bloomberg, Apple has already integrated dozens of DarwinAI company employees, including co-founder Alexander Wong, into the company.

Apple has not announced the purchase of DarwinAI. But Bloomberg is said to keep buying smaller companies from time to time. Apart from this, there are some indications that DarwinAI has been sold. DarwinAI’s official website and social media accounts have been closed.

Similarly, co-founder Wong has also held LinkedIn as director of machine learning at Apple since January 2024.

What is Apple’s plan now?

What is Apple’s plan to do after purchasing DarwinAI? The question has arisen. According to Marumer, in the year 2023, Apple bought 32 startups. DarwinAI has now been added to this list.

Now Apple has some AI features in Vision Pro, iOS 17. With the purchase of DarwinAI, it is estimated that more new AI features can be seen in iOS 18.

It was also rumoured that Apple CEO Tim Cook instructed engineers to create more AI features in iOS 18. In 2024, Apple may announce some important work in AI.

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