Apple has acquired worldwide rights to a film based on the life of Leo Tenjing Norgay Sherpa

Kathmandu. Apple has acquired the worldwide rights to a film about the life story of Nepali mountaineer Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. This agreement was reached at the recently completed Cannes Market.

In 1953, Sherpa, along with New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, successfully climbed the summit of Mount Everest for the first time. A film based on Sherpa's life story will be produced by Oscar winning C-SA Films.

BAFTA-nominated actor Tom Hiddleston and four-time Oscar-nominated Willem Dafai are playing the lead roles in the film. Hiddlestone is playing the role of Hilary.

According to an international media outlet, casting for the role of Sherpa is underway. In the film, it will be shown that a Sherpa has failed to climb Mt. Everest six times and succeeded in the final stage. According to the production team, the scene of how the Sherpas climb the mountain despite the bad weather will be included. Apart from that, it is said that what kind of situations occur during the climbing of Mount Everest, what is the role of a companion (guide), etc.

Oscar-nominated writer Luke Davies is writing the story of this film. The producers of this film are Liz Watts, Emile Sherman and Ian Canning. They are associated with C-SA Films.

It is said that this film, which will be prepared at a cost of 25 million dollars, will be shot in the beginning of 2025. The information about when the film will be released has not yet come out.

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