Apple's new AI model, now based on typing words will edit photos!

Kathmandu. Apple has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) model that edits photos based on words. The company has recently introduced such a model in collaboration with the University of California. The company has named this model MLLM Guided Image Editing (MGIE).

According to the company, users will be able to edit the photo as they want depending on the words. In particular, it is said that this tool can be used for photo cropping, resizing, rotating etc. Apart from that, this tool can do all the work like brightness adjust, color balance, contrast. A recent article on how this tool works has been published conference papermentioned in

According to the company, this model works in two stages. First of all, this tool understands the prompts given by the user. Then, based on the prompt, it 'imagines' what the photo might look like and shows the corresponding result. To use this tool, the user needs to clearly mention what needs to be changed after uploading the photo.

An example of pizza is given in the conference paper. It is said to make 'Make it more healthy'. In the subsequent results, pizza has been shown to be different. Similarly, in terms of Photoshop modification, it is said to remove the woman in the background by placing a photo of a person. The result shows that the woman behind the person has been removed.

Apple has made MGIE available for download from GitHub. The company has not mentioned anything clearly about when this model will come out to the public or if it is just a study.

There are many apps available to create photos with just words. Among them, OpenAI's Dali 3 is the most preferred platform. This tool creates images based on user prompts. Similarly, Adobe, the Photoshop company, introduced a feature to edit photos using words.

Apart from that, the company has provided 'generative fill' feature through Adobe Firefly. In terms of generative AI, Apple is not seen as a big player like Microsoft, Meta or Google. However, Apple's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tim Cook has said that the company is going to include many AI features in its devices this year.

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