Artists took from five to four million by promoting one x bet

It has been found that some actors have taken up to 40 lakhs while promoting betting through online betting. The Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office has admitted to taking up to 4 million during the initial investigation on them.


Senior Superintendent of Police Dr. Manoj KC said that some of the eight arrested artists and YouTubers earned five lakh and some earned up to four million.

Last Thursday, the police arrested actor Marichman Shrestha known as Balchi Dhruve and Raju Poudel known as Raju Master, who is playing a teleserial, along with Pawan Khatiwada, Elish Rai, Jwalan Ghartimar, Ganesh Devkota, Saroj Ghimire and Bhatbhate Maila. Casey said that they admitted to taking the money.

It has also been found that they give the commission money directly through One-X Bet. Dr. KC said that some artists are being monitored and investigation is also being carried out against CG Wait.

The police launched an operation saying that artists and YouTubers are attracting the youth in betting by advertising. The day before that, five agents were arrested by the team of the Valley Crime Investigation Office on Wednesday only on the charge of betting through online betting.

It was found that they had a turnover of 74 crores. It was found that only one person named Dinesh Khadka did 64 crore transactions. Their case is now being investigated by the police complex.

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