Authorities laying underground electric wires, request to remove internet wires and CCTV from poles within 6 months

Kathmandu. Nepal Electricity Authority has completed the construction of underground electricity distribution system in various places of Kathmandu Valley. The authority said that the underground distribution system will be tested in Pepsicola-Jadibuti, Lainchour-Narayangopal Chowk, Chuchchepati-Chabahil-Mitrapark, Kalanki-Tripureshwar, Kalimati-Balkhu, Kirtipur-Ring Road and Samakhushi Town Planning and will be put into operation within a few days.

The authority believes that this will increase the efficiency and safety of electricity distribution. Under this, the authority said that the work of removing electricity poles and undergrounding overhead distribution lines will also be done.

As a result, the authority has requested the relevant stakeholders to remove the structures and equipments such as internet cables, optical fibers, CCTV cameras, street lights, etc. connected to the poles in these places within 6 months.

If these devices are not removed within the specified period, the authority will not take responsibility for the damage caused by removing overhead structures including poles. It is said that the underground power system will improve the city's scenery and beauty and will bring a big change in Nepal's energy sector.

Last updated: May 3, 2081 9:55


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