Biometric Option: Attendance now through mobile app

Earlier it was customary to attend first. Then came the biometric machine as an alternative to the drum. Despite the arrival of biometric machines, the practice of attending the event has not completely disappeared.


Biometric machines are being used for attendance in private and government offices. However, with the development and expansion of technology, the option of biometrics has now also come with the facility of attendance through the mobile app.

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone in their hand. Most of the work has started to be done from mobile, so why do you need a separate device for attendance? This question settled in the mind of Prashann Dharel from Kathmandu. and was born,’smart spot’ ।

Founder Prashann Dharel said that Smart Hajir is an ‘attendance system’ based on mobile app. ‘At any office attendance was done through fingerprints or biometrics. That process was also long,’ says Dharel, the founder of Smart Hajir, ‘that’s why we have introduced the Smart Hajir mobile app as a technology for quick and easy attendance.’

Smart Hazir mobile app was launched in 2019. It does not require any hardware but a smartphone is required. Currently, millions of biometric machines are being imported into Nepal every year.

Crores of money have gone abroad for imports. He says that smart attendance has been started with the aim of stopping it. There is no need to stand in line to attend through smart attendance. Attendance can be done from your smartphone. The app even reminds you if you forget to attend.

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Another amazing feature of Smart Attendance is that you can attend even without internet. He says that even if there is no internet, you can attend by scanning the QR code.

For offline attendance, the admin will generate a QR which can be scanned and attended. However, internet is required to run the service.

You can contact the Smart Attendance service by visiting the website or by calling. The annual fee of Smart Hajir is fixed at 7000 rupees. Up to 25 people can appear in it. However, for the attendance of more than 25 people, an annual fee of 200 rupees per person will have to be paid.

Dharel claims that employees can appear from the app using the login ID provided by any office. We also train the company to use Smart Hazir. It’s not difficult to operate, it’s very easy,’ he says confidently.

smart spot iOS and AndroidAvailable at The attendance report can also be viewed from the app. In addition, customization facilities are also being provided according to the needs of the company.

Apart from attendance, it has features such as leave management, events note, tacking, pay slip viewing etc. Application for leave can be sent through the app.

According to Smart Hajir, it is possible to track whether the employee sent by him went to the place or not, and what time he came to the office.

Dharel says that the problem of not trusting Nepali products in Nepal is seen as a challenge. ‘There is a habit of not trusting Nepali products in Nepal. We are saying that foreign products are good,’ he says, ‘but we are refusing to use Nepali products. Please use our service, tell us if you don’t like it. We are ready to improve.’

Currently, more than 500 companies are testing Smart Hazir and more than 350 companies are using the service. The company said that the good feedback from the users has given them more energy to work.

Stating that there is unhealthy competition in the market, he says, ‘It is good to have competition. But it’s not good to move forward alone by making others angry.’

Smart Hazir has paid equal attention to customer data security and cyber security. It has collaborated with other companies for cyber security and has also applied for ISO certification.

Founder Dharel clarifies that cyber security is an equal priority even though he does not collect a lot of data. In the coming days, the company plans to bring features that any office needs. He says, ‘We are working to make the company easy and transparent.’

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