Biratnagar rocked at the Ncell concert

The concert organized by Ncell Aziata Limited on Saturday at Hatkhola ground in Biratnagar has been grandly completed. At the concert, the audience was entertained by singing, dancing and dancing to the performances of famous artists and musical groups.


From the ever-present Deepak Bajracharya and Rhythm Band to Ashish Rana (Laure), The Elements, Shiv Pariyar, Asmita Adhikari, Sunil Pandit, all of them mesmerized the audience with their performances. The dance of artist Kiki Adhikari added more excitement to the concert.

The enthusiasm of the thousands of Biratnagar spectators who were able to tune in to the musical program made the program even grander. Although it was a bit hot in the afternoon, the audience sang and danced to the songs of Asmita Adhikari and Sunil Pandit.

The performance of The Elements added more energy to the audience. The Elements enthralled the audience with their hit songs like Urja, Sapna Ko Mayalu, Birsine Hau Ki etc. With popular songs like Dhokebaaz Hau Tu, Kya Dami Bho, Pilayo Saathile, artist Shiv Pariyar has made Biratnagar resident a hit.

Similarly, the musical program was heated up with rap songs like Laure’s Nahopko Bato, Du Rupi, and Ill. Biratnagar turned musical on Saturday with the performance of famous songs like Man Magan, Kali Kali Hissi Pareki, Mayako Dori by Deepak Bajracharya and Rhythm Band.

Ncell said that this musical program, organized with the theme of ‘Rejoicing together’, provided entertainment to its customers in Biratnagar and connected with all those living in the country and abroad through Facebook live and exchanged happiness. Ncell’s stall as well as other food stalls were also present at the venue for customer convenience.

Earlier, Ncell had grandly organized Ncell Presents 16th Darwarmarg Street Festival Purple Saturday on the occasion of New Year 2080 on Saturday 2nd of Baisakh at Darwarmarg in Kathmandu.

Purple Saturday was organized with the objectives of revitalizing the economy, tourism business faster than usual, leading to new upliftment, promoting domestic tourism and supporting the tourism development of the country, keeping the morale of micro, domestic, small and medium enterprises and tourism industry high.

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