‘Blooming Red’ spreading public awareness about menstruation through webinar

Blooming Red, a project networked by young people, is working to explain the social, cultural and environmental aspects of menstruation through webinars.


This project is working to encourage young people in remote areas to openly discuss the issue of menstruation and to change the ancient thinking about menstruation and to spread public awareness about the harm that sanitary products cause to the environment.

Open and inclusive discussions on menstruation are being conducted by inviting students from different regions of Nepal in the webinar. Understanding that women face many kinds of mental problems when they are alone and face various discriminations during menstruation, Blooming Red conducts discussions on those topics as well.

Since it takes at least 400 years for a sanitary pad to decompose, the webinar also discusses how to reduce environmental damage. Blooming Red is committed to bring positive thinking about menstruation in Nepal and continue to work for green sustainable development.

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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