Breakthrough in the first chip implant in the human brain

Kathmandu. Elon Musk's startup company Neuralink has had an unexpected setback during its first human trials. According to the information released by the company on Wednesday, the implanted device has started to separate from the patient's skull and the data it can collect is also decreasing.

Neuralink's brain-computer interface, known as BCI, was implanted in the brain of 29-year-old patient Noland Arbaugh last January. This chip was designed with the aim of using the brain of a patient with paralysis to help with external technology. Arbaugh, who was paralyzed below the shoulder while diving eight years ago, is participating in a six-year long trial to test the safety of Neuralink's equipment.

According to Neuralink, the company's brain-computer interface uses electrodes and threads to collect data on the activity and movement of neurons in the brain. There are 1,024 electrodes under the 64 threads on the Neuralink chip. It is said that thread (Tyandra) is thinner than hair.

Just last month, Neuralink broadcast live a nine-minute long video of Arbaugh demonstrating how BCI technology works. In which he was seen playing video games. In that, he also stated that he was able to take the crusher to the place he wanted by simply thinking.

A few weeks after the shocking video, the company announced its Blog“A number of threads were removed from Arbaugh's brain, reducing the amount of effective electrodes,” says Ma. As a result, Neuralink is unable to measure how effectively its system of electrodes and threads is performing. However, it is not clear how many threads have been removed from the patient's mind.

“In response to this change, we've modified the recording algorithm to make it more sensitive to neural signals, improved the way we translate those signals for cursor movement, and improved the user interface,” Neuralink said further. The company expects that this improvement will improve the verification of bits per second (BPS) controlling the crusher for Arbagh. According to the company, BPS is the standard for measuring speed and accuracy.

“These improvements have led to rapid and consistent improvements in BPS, which now surpasses Noland's initial performance,” Neuralink said. But the Wall Street Journal noted that the company has clarified the possibility of removing the implanted chip from Arbaugh's brain.

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