Budget of Kathmandu Metropolis: Provide all services online, bring own e-commerce portal

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has allocated an amount of 150 million to provide all the services provided by the metropolis through the online system.


On Sunday, the budget presented by Deputy Mayor Sunita Dangol for the next fiscal year 2080-81 includes plans to provide all services online, establish own television, Joblink app, and start e-commerce.

150 million rupees has been allocated to run various programs under the ‘Online Services for Good Governance’ scheme, taking the work of making all the services provided by the metropolis through the online system as a scheme of the pride of the metropolis.

For the ‘Mahanagarle Dechtha’ scheme, with the aim of making the city a safe environment for the residents of the city by installing surveillance cameras on the main roads, squares and alleys of the city, Rs. 20 million has been allocated.

Similarly, an amount of 50 million has been allocated for the establishment of a metropolitan television, and the necessary funds have been arranged for organizing a conference on information technology in the coming financial year.

Necessary funds have been arranged to manage building permits, recommendations and certification and revenue collection work using information technology.

Kathmandu Metropolis has now announced that it will provide lunch to students at the specified rate on the basis of digitally verified records.

Dangol said that a budget of 1 crore 44 lakh has been arranged to operate the ambulance hotline service 102 with the help of the metropolis.

The metropolis is also going to build its own utility duct. Dangol said, “I have allocated 100 million rupees for the expansion of fiber and other cables on the roads within the metropolitan area by building my own utility duct and advancing the work according to the concept of shared infrastructure.”

Under the Bright City, Mero Mahanagara Yojana, an amount of 300 million has been allocated for the program of installing street lights in all the streets and alleys of the metropolis and arranging high mast lights in 100 main intersections and areas of the metropolis.

It has been mentioned in the budget to create an app related to route suggestions for tourist areas. A budget of 100 crores has been arranged to create employment opportunities through skill and capacity development for youth within the metropolis by joining the Shrambank Golden Scheme.

“For employment growth, the necessary budget has been arranged to use the Joblink app between the unemployed and the employer,” the budget said.

Apart from this, the metropolis has put forward a plan to launch its own e-commerce portal. An amount of 1 crore has been allocated in the budget to bring Metro Mart into operation through an online e-commerce portal to connect production and consumption.

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