Bugv.io, Nepal’s First Bug Bounty Platform Officially Launched

Cynical Technology has developed Nepal’s first bug bounty platform ‘Bugv’. The platform which has gone live recently connects ethical hackers and businesses.

Naresh Lamgade, founder of Bugv

With an increasing number of digital platforms dominating the world, several cases of data breach and hacking have been reported frequently. To prevent these issues, the company has built a platform where security researchers work and earn from their skills and businesses can get expert solutions on security issues.

“Bugv is a crowdsourced security platform which brings national and global ethical hackers in one space,” says Naresh Lamgade, founder of Bugv, and founder CEO of Cynical Technology.

Bugv is a bug bounty platform that has been developed to improve security infrastructures in the country partnering with the global hacker community to solve relevant security issues.

Lamgade says that a team of Cynical Technology has come up with this platform after 2 years of research.

Bugv Landing PageBugv Landing Page

Who can join?

According to Lamgade, the companies can keep their product on the platform and check if there are any bugs. They can ask the security researcher to check if there are glitches in their product. “The product can be an app or website of their company,” he shares. Lamgade says that the company has to pay only if the hackers find a bug in their product.

Also, the company can pay the researchers based on the vulnerability in the app. “The companies can pay according to their budget,” he says. Till now, 10 companies have their product on the platform.

Similarly, security researchers from anywhere in the world with relevant skills can register themselves at bugv.io, free of cost.

“Anyone with the cybersecurity skills can join the platform. Till now, 500 plus ethical hackers have already joined the platform.” says Lamgade.

Future plans

At present, the team in Cynical Technology has been handling the operation of Bugv. According to the co-founder, in the future, they are planning to create Bugv as a separate entity with a dedicated team.

Also, they have been planning to work on international expansion. “Not only hacker individuals, but we are planning to collaborate with international companies,” he says.

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