CAD module successfully live in Nabil Bank by SB Solutions

SB Solutions Pvt. Lee has successfully implemented Credit Administration Module (CAD Module) in Nabil Bank Limited. An important module of CreditX, the loan management system developed by SB Solutions, is the CAD module.


Even after the implementation of this software system in Nabil Bank, it has been used regularly for more than a year and it has been preparing all legal documents including the bank’s approval letter, Kran Tamsuk, promissory note, guarantee letter etc. quickly and easily.

SB Solutions has been working in the field of loan automation and process automation in Nepal for the past five years. With the completion of one year of Nabil Bank preparing approval letter and legal documents through CAD module, SB Solutions has crossed a milestone in its digital lending journey.

The document generation feature has been helping the bank to provide faster administrative services to customers by reducing the time it takes to prepare documents through manual processes. The company has provided innovative lending automation solutions to more than 20 national and international banks and financial institutions.

The CAD module is designed to handle the complex conditions and dependencies of the acceptance letter, which can easily prepare the combined acceptance letter. This system makes it very convenient for the users of banks and financial institutions where the users only have to fill one form and then the system automatically prepares all the necessary legal documents including acceptance letter according to the customer.

Also, this system can translate English inputs into Nepali language by consuming API and taking data from other systems, which makes it more convenient for users.

“We are excited to successfully implement our solution at Nabil Bank through the CAD module. We hope to implement the same level of legal documents in all banks and financial institutions in Nepal. The success of Nabil Bank is a major milestone in fulfilling our vision,”

SB Solutions Pvt. Ltd. CEO Mr. Sanjog Mishra said. “Our aim is always to provide innovative solutions that enable banks and financial institutions to streamline their lending processes, and we are pleased to see that our efforts have yielded positive results.”

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