Can’t use MS Excel? This is how to learn

MS Excel, whose full name is ‘Microsoft Excel’ and is also known as ‘Excel’. It is a spreadsheet program that allows you to open, create, edit, calculate, share and print data in tabular format.


MS Excel is a program developed by Microsoft. MS Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although this is a widely used software, many people do not know how to use it.

The first and familiar way is to go to a computer institute and take admission. Here you will get the help of an instructor to teach Excel and a computer will also be available for practical.

If you have free time and have a center nearby, you can learn Excel by attending computer institutes and joining Excel classes.

Buy an Excel tutorial

Books are still useful for learning any new skill. If you have a computer and you like reading books, you can buy some Excel books to learn Excel and start learning through them.

By searching “Best Books for MS Excel” in Daraz or any other online portal, you will find hundreds of books. You can order two-three books of your choice and get them at home.

Attend online courses

Education beyond books is now going online and now digital education is being given importance.

You can also learn Excel by joining online Excel courses. The advantage of these courses is that you can also take practical training on your own computer.

Along with this, there is no time restriction online so you can learn anytime and get many resources.

Most courses, once purchased, are available forever. Below are the names of some popular online portals from where you can enroll in Excel courses.

  • Udemy
  • coursera
  • Alison
  • Khan Academy
  • linkedin learning

Web-based tutorials

Another way to learn online is through web-based tutorials. This type of training was available before online courses and is still very popular today.

Because, these tutorials are mostly free. Below are the names of some websites for your convenience from where you can watch free Excel tutorials.

  • Excel-Easy
  • educate.gif

Use Excel Help

Apart from this, another way is to use Excel Help. Students and instructors also pay very little attention to this method.

However, this method is the most reliable because, here, all the tutorials have been prepared by the makers of Excel themselves. To access Excel Help, press the F key on the keyboard.

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