Capture DSLR-quality images with your smartphone camera

With the use of smartphones, every second user is also a photographer. However, it is not so easy to click photos like DSLR using the phone properly. Angle, light direction and many other things are important for a good photo. Few tips to click good pictures from android phone –


It is not only important to click photos, but also to edit them

After clicking a photo from a smartphone, it is important to highlight it. For this, general image color, contrast, brightness can be managed. Besides, you can also use any cool filter for phone photo.

Take care of the light

If you click a picture in daylight from an Android phone, it can be clicked properly. Furthermore, the direction of light is also important in daylight. If the picture is clicked from the exact opposite direction of sunlight, the picture is highlighted with full light.

Focus on the subject matter

It is important to focus and zoom in on the subject in the image. Now Android phones come with optical zoom feature, which means even distant images can be clicked clearly. It improves image quality.

Keep the phone lens clean

Apart from clicking photos, phones are also used for many other purposes. In such a situation, the lens of the phone kept in the pocket is sometimes dirty and blurred. Before clicking a picture, it is important to clean the lens properly. With a dirty lens, the phone faces problems in focus.

Use different lenses

While clicking photos from the phone, users use only the primary camera. Nowadays, all other Android phones also feature ultra-wide, macro and telephoto lenses. Click photos at different angles using different camera lenses.

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