CC cameras in operation in public places of Galkot Municipality

Galkot Municipal Chief Bharat Sharma Gayre has said that CC cameras have been put into operation in public places within the city to ensure peace to the citizens.


He said that the limited resources of the police are not enough to maintain peace and security, and that technology has been used to assist in criminal investigations. Mayor Gayre mentioned that the CCTV cameras were installed in coordination with the police office of Ela. He also expressed his belief that with the implementation of CCTV cameras, it will help in reducing criminal activities such as crime, investigation, theft, robbery etc. within the city.

The high-tech CCTV cameras connected with the financial support of Galkot municipality were inaugurated today and handed over to the police. CCTV cameras have been installed from the main entrance of Galkot municipality, from View Tower to Banskhola.

Famlal Niure, deputy head of Galkot Municipality, has informed that CC cameras will help to bring the violators of traffic rules to justice and control the criminal activities in the highway area to keep peace and security. City Deputy Mayor Niure said that 20 CCTV cameras have been installed at 19 locations within Galkot Municipality.

Dekendra Sharma, Head of Area Police Office, Galkot, has informed that it has become easier after the installation of CC cameras, as it is possible to monitor Madhyapahari Lokmarg area, public places where a large number of people gather, and criminals can be identified quickly.

The police believe that after the operation of CC cameras, people who are involved in criminal activities will be able to be rescued immediately after an accident in the highway area.

CC Camera Galkot Municipality View Tower, Dudilabhati Bazar, Narethanti Bazar, Narethanti Pulchowk, Dhalepipal, Dandakhet, Hatia CYC Chowk, Hatia Bazar, Simkhet, Ghatekhola, Hatia Pragati Chowk, Bhainsepul, Angakhet Chowk, Banskhola, Monsoon Chowk, Galkot Municipality Chowk, Harichor Market, Galkot Municipality Ward No. 5 Namaste Chowk, and Ward No. 6 have been connected, according to Galkot Municipality.

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