CCTV cameras will be installed on the roads within Thamel

CC TV cameras are going to be installed on the roads inside Thamel, the main tourist destination of the federal capital, Kathmandu.


Kathmandu Metropolitan City in collaboration with Thamel Tourism Development Council is going to install CC TV cameras on the roads within Thamel.

Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Chief Rajunath Pandey, Kathmandu Valley Police Office Superintendent of Police Krishna Dhital and the team of Thamel Tourism Development Council also conducted an on-site inspection on Wednesday regarding the installation of CC cameras inside Thamel.

President of Thamel Tourism Development Council Bhavishwar Sharma said, ‘Today, the team of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Nepal Police and Thamel Tourism Development Council spent five hours observing which intersections and roads in Thamel need CCTV cameras. Connect soon.’

80 percent of tourists who come to visit Nepal reach Thamel. Sharma said that CC cameras are going to be installed to give a sense of security to domestic and foreign tourists coming into Thamel.

Superintendent of Police Krishna Dhital of Kathmandu Valley Police Office informed that more than 100 CC cameras will be installed on the roads in Thamel.

In the current fiscal year, Kathmandu Metropolitan City has provided financial support of 60 million rupees to Ranipokhari Valley Police Office to reduce criminal incidents in Kathmandu.

With that amount, CC cameras will be purchased and CC TV cameras will be installed at required locations. About 3,000 house owners and businessmen are involved in Thamel, which is located in Ward No. 16, 17, 26 and 27 of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

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