Celebrating 13th anniversary of Sparrow SMS, 1300 bulk SMS available at Rs.1300


There was a time, you had to stand in line for hours to buy the newspaper to see the SLC results. But now the situation has changed. Currently, the result can be viewed in a few seconds on the mobile. The organization behind this possibility is Sparrow SMS.


Spyro SMS has been operating not only the SMS Result System but also many other innovative SMS services, which have made our daily lives very easy and also helped businesses in promoting their campaigns.

Spyro SMS, the pioneer of innovative SMS services, is celebrating its 13th anniversary today. Sparrow SMS was founded in 2010 by Janaki Technologies Pvt Ltd.

On the occasion of the 13th anniversary, Manoj Thapa, CEO of Sparrow SMS, said that with the help of customers and partners, we have set a 13-year journey.

“Our goal has always been to provide the best SMS services to businesses and individuals alike,” he said, “and we are proud to say that we have succeeded in achieving that goal.”

He said that Sparrow SMS is working according to the goal of becoming the largest business communication medium in Nepal.

The company has also brought an offer on the occasion of its 13th anniversary. Under this offer, an SMS package that can send 1,300 bulk SMS is available for 1,300 rupees.

This offer will be valid till March 25. The package includes SMS dashboard, 100% delivery rate, robust reporting and no expiry SMS facility.

The company is not only providing SMS services to the general public and businesses to communicate and promote their products and services, but also providing highly sensitive messages such as OTP transaction details through secure and fast SMS services.

The company has partnered with Rakuten Viber to expand its business beyond SMS. Viber Business Messaging has been provided to Nepali businesses, which has proven to be an effective and affordable way to promote business in other countries.

The company has also been providing voice broadcasting and missed call marketing services. Sparrow SMS has always maintained world-class servers, data privacy, and affordability, the company says.

In the year 2022, Janaki Technologies was honored with the Awards of Excellence for Innovation in the emerging sectors of the province for its innovative practices in the ICT sector. Spyrop SMS has also been collaborating with Make in Nepal campaign, which is working with the slogan of empowering and promoting domestically produced goods and services.


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