Celebrating ‘Selfie with Daughter’ Day on Wednesday, more than 1,000 people sent selfies

Celebrating ‘Selfie with Daughter’ Day on Wednesday, more than 1,000 people sent selfies

The ‘Selfie with Darts’ campaign, which has been operating in Nepal for the past one month, will be concluded on Wednesday through a special virtual program. The event is being jointly organized in Nepal and India as ‘Selfie with Darts’ Day.

The Nepal Internet Foundation, an organization working in the field of social, technical and research in Nepal for the past few years, in collaboration with Indian engineer Sunil Jaglan, conducted a program called ‘Selfie with Darts’ in Nepal with the theme of women’s empowerment and gender equality.

In a month-long campaign in Nepal, more than 1,000 people sent selfies with darts. On Wednesday, the best selfie winner will be awarded with a trophy and a certificate worth Rs 21,000, Rs 11,000 and Rs 5,100 respectively.

Union Minister of State for India Rao Indrajit Singh will be the special guest at the event on Wednesday while former Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens of the Government of Nepal Julie Kumari Mahato will address the function.

Launched under the leadership of Sunil Jaglan of India, the campaign has become popular in India and Nepal. Bikram Shrestha, president of the Nepal Internet Foundation, said that such a campaign in Nepal has encouraged daughters to look at gender equality and behave in the same way.

Shrestha informed that the ‘Selfie with Darts’ campaign, which started in Nepal on May 9, is becoming very popular. According to him, about 50 million people have watched ‘Selfie with Darts’.

Sunil Jaglan, founder of ‘Selfie with Darts’, said that the people of Nepal like this campaign very much and we believe that this campaign will set a new dimension for women’s empowerment.


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