CG dishwasher that can easily clean even greasy dishes

CG dishwasher that can easily clean even greasy dishes

CG has recently introduced its home appliance dishwasher in the Nepali market. Keeping Nepali consumers in mind, the company has brought attractive and easy-to-use dishwashers at affordable prices.

These dishwashers will be available in the market in 12 place settings and 15 place settings. The company says that these dishwashers are very easy to use as they have a display screen and touch buttons.

It also has various washing programs. Which can be used according to your needs to clean your dishes.

Both of these models have a wide variety of features. These features include Steam Vass, Auto Door Technology, BLDC Technology, Jet Vass, Dual Pro Vass and Halfload Options.

It also has auto door technology. This feature eliminates the hassle of drying the washed dishes.

It opens the automatic door after washing the dishes and can take out the steam inside and let it dry by letting in the outside air.

With the help of Dual Pro Vase, the dishes are washed with two separate water pressures and the dishes are thoroughly cleaned. It also has a jet accommodation feature.

It cleans less dirty dishes in just 14 minutes. According to the company, the purchase of dishwasher will be available in 15 place setting with 3 year warranty on motor and 12 place setting with 1 year warranty.


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