‘Challenge in information privacy due to weak cyber security laws’

Deukhuri Communication and Information Technology Minister Rekha Sharma has said that due to weak laws related to cyber security, the privacy of information from ordinary citizens to the government has become a challenge.


Inaugurating the National Conference on Communication, Cyber ​​Security Policy and Law at Ghorahi in Dang, she said that with the increasing use of information and technology, its security is the main challenge now.

Minister Sharma, who is also the spokesperson of the government, informed that the government is going to create a law related to cyber security. Mentioning that various types of problems have been created in children, teenagers and common citizens due to the wrong use of technology, he said that it is necessary to create awareness among common citizens about the use of social media along with the creation of laws.

Stating that citizens should be the victims of wrong use of social media, she emphasized that everyone should be aware of information technology and social media. Informing that Nepal Telecom has investigated the state of communication in Dang district, Minister Sharma said, ‘Everyone should have access to information and technology. What is the need in which location? We will proceed with the work as required.’

She expressed her belief that a prosperous nation can be built through income generation by increasing the use of information technology in Nepal. Minister Sharma said that common citizens should have knowledge about the correct use of social media along with information and technology for that.

The conference chaired by Dr. Shailendra Giri, chairman of Rapti Engineering College Board of Directors, discussed and shared knowledge among the participants on computer, information technology, cyber security, policy and law.

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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