Class 12 student hacked TU’s website*

Kathmandu | It has been found that the person who hacked the website of the Examination Control Office, Balkhu (Panika) under Tribhuvan University is a student studying in Class 12.

The website which was hacked on Tuesday night was being redirected to a Facebook account named Rohit Rokaya. There was a suspicion that someone had deliberately redirected the site to Rohit’s account.

However, shortly after that, a post was uploaded from that account saying that the site had been hacked. It is written in the post, “Since TU has started online service since yesterday, it has also increased the attack surface on TU’s website. This has added a security challenge to TU’s website.”

The post reads, “Now TU has to keep millions of documents from the online system safe. Therefore, TU needs to give special importance to the security aspect when making any software.”

The post also mentions that hacking is illegal and unethical. He also mentioned that he cannot provide any help or support for unethical activities.

After seeing such a post, many people expressed their suspicion that his account had been hacked. We contacted his father, who is working as a field assistant in Chaurahzari Municipality, Rukum West.

“My son is studying in class 12 at CCRC College in Lalitpur,” his father said, “He is the one who tried to check how secure the university’s website is in terms of cyber security. All data is secure.”

His father said that his son hacked it, saying that the university should make it safe as it is a matter related to the future of millions of students. He further said, “I had a talk with my son in the morning. It says I hacked it for testing. All data is safe.”

Even now, the site of TU‘s convocation is being redirected to Rohit Rokaya’s Facebook account. We tried to contact her number. However, his phone did not pick up.

When we contacted the Capital College and Research Center (CCRC) to know more about the matter, college sources confirmed that he is their student.


Did you know? Trivi is a nickname for Tribhuvan Visvavidyalaya, which means University in Nepali language.

FYI: The person involved in TU’s website hack incident was found to be a minor, so his name and picture have been removed from the news.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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