Click to Career program of Infodevelopers completed, providing IT skill training to 150 people

The ‘Click to Career’ program organized by Infodevelopers, a leading and established fintech company in the field of information technology with the aim of developing careers for students studying information technology, has been completed.


It was announced that Click to Career was completed by distributing certificates to the participants in an event held in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

Umesh Raghuvanshi, CEO of Infodevelopers, said that the 45-day long Click to Career program was conducted with the aim of providing skilled IT training to reduce the gap of skilled IT manpower in the market.

“The Click to Career program that we have conducted is not only for Infodevelopers,” he said, “Infodevelopers are organizing various programs to produce skilled manpower, that is for the entire information technology market.”

Infodevelopers conducted the Click to Career program to teach the new talents who want to enter the IT sector the skills, training, work in the IT industry and develop an institutional network.

Stating that the IT education taught in Nepal is world-class, Raghuvanshi expressed the opinion that the culture here is the main reason for the lack of skilled manpower.

About 150 participants were divided into different groups and trained in various IT domain projects in Click to Career which started from October. Among the participants, 33 people got the opportunity as a trainee/internship in Infodevelopers.

The COO and program coordinator of Click to Career, which was conducted with the aim of preparing skilled manpower needed by the information technology industry, Dr. Rajiv Subba said.

‘It is very difficult to find the skilled manpower required by the industry in the market,’ said Subba, ‘therefore, the program has been conducted with the aim of ensuring that there is no shortage of skilled manpower when it is needed and that students also do not have a problem finding employment.’

In this training provided for 60 hours, 150 participants were provided mentoring and guidance by experts working in Infodevelopers.

Priyanka Aryal, trainer of Click to Career, said that the participants in the training got opportunities not only in Infodevelopers but also in other IT companies. She expressed her belief that programs like Click to Career will be very fruitful for the career development of students.

Job opportunities after training are also offered in the program including React, View, Angular, Ned, Java, AI, QA, Database, Android, React Native, PHP, Dot Net, iOS, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Business Analyst and Flutter. Training was provided.

Soni Manandhar, who participated in Click to Career and is currently working as a trainee at Infodevelopers, said that after the training, Urtan was very useful in putting theoretical knowledge into practice.

Similarly, Shirish Mainali, who is working as a trainee in Infodevelopers who participated in the training, said that it played an important role in reducing the gap between the theoretical knowledge found in the college and the practical practice of the industry.

Established in 2002, Infodevelopers Pvt. Ltd. It is a company working on various products and projects for the Government of Nepal, banks and financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, cooperatives and microfinance. At present, more than 350 people have got direct employment opportunities in the company.

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