Cogent Health became the first company to integrate management information systems into health insurance

Cogent Health became the first company to integrate management information systems into health insurance

Cogent Health has launched an integrated health insurance management system with Bhaktapur Hospital and Mechi Zonal Hospital with Insurance Management Information System (IMIS).

Cogent Health has also become the first electronic health record service provider to be integrated into the IMIS system promoted by the Health Insurance Board.

With the introduction of the integrated system, healthcare providers will be able to use Cogent Health’s electronic health record system to check whether patients are covered by the health insurance scheme and to provide the necessary details regarding health insurance to the patients covered.

In addition, health organizations will be able to claim patient insurance digitally through software. At the same time, the duplication and time consuming situation of having to enter the documents of the service provided to the insured during the flow of health services on a separate site by the health care provider till now is coming to an end.

The integration of two important systems, such as electronic health records and insurance information systems, can be expected to help build the much-needed digital health ecosystem in Nepal. Cogent Health has already integrated its system with Fintech and Payment Systems and is building the critical technology needed in the field of digital health.

Cogent Health Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative company in the field of health information technology. The company has been developing technology to fully digitize the management of hospitals and health institutions based on electronic health records (EHR).

Technologies such as Cogent EMR, Cogent EMR Web, E-Appointment and Smart Health developed by Cogent Health are being used in more than 50 hospitals and health institutions across Nepal.


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