Collaboration between Nepali Patro and Toynath Patro, ‘Nepali Patro’ almanac will now be more pure and clear

For the past 14 years, an agreement has been reached between Nepali Patro, Nepali Patro, the first community app popular among Nepalis scattered around the world, and Toyanath, Nepal’s first official national almanac with the most topics, which has been serving through almanacs for almost a century and a half.


Toynath Panchang is the most reliable and easy calendar which has been continuously published in Nepal for the past 135 years.

Along with the development of technology, there has been a collaboration between Toynath Panchang, a reliable printed version of Sait, Lagna, Chadbad and Tithi dates, which Nepali users look for on smartphones such as Android and iPhone, and ‘Nepali Patro’, a mobile application prepared by Nepali for Nepali.

Santosh Kumar Devkota, the chief executive officer of Nepali Patro, said that he was excited to have the privilege of connecting the Nepali Sanatan generations scattered around the world with the Toy Nath Panchang, who have been able to convey the importance of our Jarokilo to the Nepalese society by containing knowledge and information about Vedic Sanatan Panchang for nearly one and a half centuries.

He further said, ‘It is a wonderful experience for the modern generation to connect with the accurate almanac math of the old generation. Centuries ago, from the means, resources and studies available with them, it also confirms how wonderful our own original Vedic Sanatan science is to get the accurate results of the prediction that the sun or moon eclipse will be seen from this place, whether it is the sunrise and sunset of every day or on this day, at this time. This collaboration will benefit our users with pure and authoritative information available on the calendar.’

Suryanath Pant, editor of Toyanath Panchang, said that this collaboration is an excuse to exchange knowledge between the new and old generations.

‘Our Vedic eternal knowledge is unusual. We are living this precious life every day because of the many contributions that nature, animals, insects, grasshoppers, geography, moon-sun and other planets provide us,’ he said, ‘We have our own original principle which connects us with our ancient history. And this Vedic Sanatan Panchang is also one of those principles based on which Guru Toyanath connected it with the society as ‘Toyanath Panchang’ 135 years ago.

He said that as a continuation of the trust and love of the Nepali people for ‘Toyanath Panchang’, we have collaborated with the most popular mobile app ‘Nepali Patro’ as an official digital calendar for the digital source of calendars and panchangs in the current generation.

The technical team of Nepali Calendar is currently working to bring an update containing the Toy Nath Panchang with the New Year 2080 calendar. Within this month of Chaitra, there is a preparation to publicize the update of the Nepali Calendar which includes Toynath Panchang.

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