Complaint to the authority saying that the Bagmati government has opened a tender to meet the specifications of Dahua CCTV only

Kathmandu. A complaint has been lodged with the Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission for irregularities in the Bagmati government's CCTV tender process. Claiming that the tender call issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law under Bagmati province on March 22 matches the CCTV specifications of a certain company, some businessmen have filed a complaint with the authority.

In the complaint, it is alleged that the ministry invited the tender to match only the features (specifications) of the Chinese company Dahua. The complainant suspects that the tender was called with the intention of keeping out other competing companies and giving an unfair advantage to Dahua.

“The CCTV tender is estimated to cost 30 million, so the tender has been invited by matching the special specifications only with the Chinese tech company Dahua. 24 hours before the tender is called, we can say that this tender will definitely go to the Chinese company Dahua,” the complaint said.

The complainant alleges that the specifications of the 4-channel NVR mentioned in Tender No. MOIAL/Goods/NCB/02-2080/81 should be double sata and the incoming bandwidth of 8-channel NVR should be 160 Mbps or above, ignoring the availability and requirements of other brands.

On page number 129 of the tender, 4-channel NVR is mentioned as double sata, which comes in single sata in other brands and the complainant argues that there is no need for double sata.

According to the tender, 4 and 8 channel NVRs have been requested, and the cameras to be installed on them are all 8 megapixel face detection. But face detection is not requested in 4 channel NVR.

On page number 130 of the same tender, it is mentioned that the incoming bandwidth should be 160 Mbps or more in NVR 8 channel, which is equal to 80 Mbps in other brands. An 8 megapixel camera takes a maximum bandwidth of 8 Mbps, which requires 8 cameras. In this calculation, it seems that a total of 64 Mbps bandwidth will be consumed. Considering the same thing, the complainant has alleged that since other companies have made NVRs with incoming bandwidth up to 80 Mbps, Dahua has made specifications of incoming bandwidth 160 or more so that it does not match the specifications of other companies.

Similarly, on page number 131, the incoming bandwidth of 16-channel NVR is kept at 320 Mbps or more. Which comes up to 256 Mbps in other brands. An 8 megapixel camera takes up a maximum of 8 megapixels of bandwidth, which takes 16 cameras. In this calculation, a total of 128 Mbps bandwidth is seen to be consumed. Considering the same, other companies have made NVRs with 256 Mbps incoming bandwidth, so Dahua has made specifications with incoming bandwidth 320 Mbps or more so that it does not match the specifications of other companies, they have alleged.

Similarly, in the title of terms and conditions on page number 139, it is said that 'the seller should have at least 2 years of working experience in city video surveillance, CCTV, traffic cameras and optical fiber networking'. The complainant has commented that this condition is meant to mean that he worked in City Surveillance of Kathmandu Metropolis as City Video Surveillance.

It has also been claimed that if there is a transparent competition, the cost of this tender will be very low. The complainant has demanded that all the parties involved in this action be kept under high surveillance and if it matches the assumptions mentioned in the complaint, the action should be taken according to the law.

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