Completed programming related training in Kathmandu by Samsung Innovation Campus


Samsung’s flagship CSR program Samsung Innovation Campus has completed the coding and programming course for the first batch of students at Pulchok Campus under Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering.


Under the programme, artificial intelligence course will be started in the university for the next batch of students.

At the ceremony where the certificate of completion of the course was awarded to the students, Minister of State for Education Pramila Kumari, Samsung’s South-West Asia, Head of Nepal Office Sung Joon Park and Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering Professor and Dean Dr. Shashidhar Ram Joshi was present.

“We are very excited to complete our first batch of coding and programming courses with the enthusiastic participation of students and great support from the university. We look forward to a long-term partnership with the prestigious Tribhuvan University Engineering Institute to advance students in the future technological fields of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data domains. Our aim has always been to prepare talented Nepalese youth for the future and contribute to Nepal’s growing economy, especially in terms of innovation and technology,’ said Sung Joon Park, Head of Nepal Office, Samsung South-West Asia.

Samsung inaugurated its global CSR program Samsung Innovation Campus at the Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering Pulchok Campus in December 2022.

Under this program, Samsung plans to train the youth of Nepal in technical skills like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, Coding and Programming, which will contribute to the development of a strong technology and innovation ecosystem in Nepal. Knowledge of Algorithms, Data Structures and Programming are prerequisites for getting selected for the courses.

As part of the course, youth will be provided with real employable skills and in-demand technical skills that will improve their digital literacy, learning ability, creativity and employability.

“Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering is delighted to conduct this prestigious course in Nepal. This will be helpful for the development and upliftment of our students. We completed the coding and programming course for which we are very grateful. I would like to thank Samsung from the bottom of my heart for conducting this course at Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering,” said Professor and Dean of Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering Dr. Sashidhar Ram Joshi said.

Along with technical training, this course also imparts soft skills training to the students to enhance their employability and their ability to apply their knowledge.

As part of the courses offered under the Samsung Innovation Campus at the Institute of Engineering, students will also undergo a practical project component.

It will challenge students to present projects of social importance, in which AI, Big Data, coding, programming and IoT will play a role.

Samsung Innovation Campus, Samsung’s “Together for Tomorrow!” is part of the Global CSR Vision, which was launched in 2019.

It empowers people, trains students and unemployed youth to experience key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, preparing them to become the next generation workforce.


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