Completion of ‘Bazar Jaaoon’ program marks Ncell’s 18th anniversary celebration.

On the occasion of its 18th anniversary, Ncell Asiata Limited has organized ‘Bazar Jaaun’ (Go to Market) event. Under this program, Ncell’s high-ranking officials and other employees visited various Ncell centers and authorized retailers across the country and interacted directly with their customers and retailers.


‘Bazar Ja Aon’ is a program organized in accordance with Ncell’s commitment to personally listen to the complaints, advice and suggestions of customers and address them. This market visit program is organized according to the anniversary theme ‘We are for you’ under the company’s brand promise ‘Today, tomorrow, forever together’. Ncell remains focused on its principles and is committed to provide continuous quality service for Nepal and Nepali people.

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Ncell Jabbor Kayumov visited Ncell centers and retailers’ shops on Sunday to personally thank Nepali consumers for their continuous support and cooperation. During the visit, they interacted with the customers and took advice and suggestions to solve their problems and facilitate them.

“Our commitment to our customers defines Ncell and it further helps us understand our customers. We understand that the customer is the ‘king of the market’ and therefore we need to understand the suggestions and complaints of our customers and know what their needs are. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to go to the market and communicate with the customers,” said Jabor Kayumov, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Ncell, “I believe that only with a market-oriented approach can we understand the needs of the new market and fulfill such needs quickly. That’s why we all participated in the campaign to become market-centric while celebrating the anniversary. We all need a market-centric mindset. We will continue to meet with our customers in this way.”

During the market visit, Chief Executive Officer Jabbor, senior officials of the company and all other employees visited all the Ncell centers and more than 500 retailers across the country in their designated areas. Also, they interacted directly with the customers, consumers and sellers and distributed the signs of love.

Other programs will also be organized on the occasion of the 18th anniversary under the theme ‘We are for you’. Such programs include health camps in areas with low human development index, blood donation, tree plantation, friendly football matches at Lanchaur ground, visits of celebrities to Ncell centers to interact with customers, etc.

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