Connect IPS’ ‘Refer a Friend’ Offer, Referrer and Taker get Rs.25/25

Connect IPS has announced ‘Refer a Friend’ offer. In this offer, if users refer their friends, family and relatives to register in Connect IPS, the referrer will get Rs. 25/25 in their bank account and the recipient will get Rs.


To avail the offer, the referrer has to provide the referral code. This offer will be valid from June 1st to June 31st.

Referee will receive 25/25 rupees in his bank account and the referee will receive 25/25 rupees in his bank account and after verifying his mobile number and email ID once by entering the referral code while registering a new user in Connect IPS.

According to Connect IPS, various payments including fund transfer can be made for bank customers by linking more than one account through the same platform.

Payments can be made up to 20 lakh rupees per transaction through Connect IPS web and up to 2 lakh rupees per transaction through its mobile app.

According to Connect IPS, many types of payments such as mobile recharge, electricity bill, telephone bill, internet bill, school fee, hire purchase, government revenue, public service, traffic fine, share transaction, Nepal Pay QR can be made through this.

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