‘Credit card’ to farmers of Tulsipur

Preparations have been made to give ‘credit cards’ to farmers in Dang Tulsipur sub-metropolitan city. For this purpose, a draft procedure has been prepared, Deputy Metropolitan Municipality spokesperson Madhav Vali informed.


“The second draft of the draft has been prepared”, he said, “The student committee will modify it, and after discussing it with the executive committee, we will implement it.”

After giving the credit card to the farmers, they get a concessional loan of up to two lakh rupees. Earlier, credit cards were distributed to the farmers of Tulsipur sub-metropolitan city-16.

Credit cards were distributed to 13 farmers of the ward in coordination with Sisa Project and Megha Bank. He said that the credit card will make it easier for the farmers to do digital banking transactions and this is a matter of happiness for the farmers.

He says that it will play a role in minimizing the situation that the economy may affect the agriculture itself. The government gives loans up to Rs 2 lakh to farmers who get credit cards without collateral.

Farmers can pay the loan that they get in the form of concessional loans with the amount received after selling the agricultural products. They cannot use that loan for anything other than purchasing agricultural materials.

Similarly, the debit card will be used by the farmers to pay subsidy and compensation. Credit cards should be renewed every year, while debit cards should be renewed every five years.

In the project of Sisa project, there has been an interaction on the issue of Kisan Credit Card implementation support procedure 2079. On that occasion, the head of the bank, people’s representatives, farmers and other stakeholders said that ‘credit card’ would benefit the farmers commercially.

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