Decreasing Forge users

Decreasing Forge users

Recently, the number of Forge customers in Nepal has started declining. The number of customers who added a significant amount a few months ago has been declining lately.

According to the data released by the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal for the first 10 months of the last fiscal year 2077/78 (from last July to mid-June), the number of users has decreased in May compared to last April.

According to NEA, the number of Forge users has reached 76 lakh 64 thousand 459 in May out of 76 lakh 97 thousand 863 as of mid-April. Compared to last April, there has been a decrease of 33,504 people in May.

Three telecommunication service companies have operated Forge service in Nepal. Of the three companies, Ncell has the largest number of customers. In ten months, the company’s Forge customers have reached 4.8 million. It is stated that it was 5 million 17 thousand 170 in last April.

Nepal Telecom, a government-owned company, has added 21,000 more Forge users.

According to NEA, the number of telcos has increased from 2.686 million to 2.77 million in May.

Similarly, the number of Forge users of Smart Telecom has reached one lakh 51 thousand 715. As of last April, the number of smart users was 26,393. Smart Telecom has only Forge customers.

The Internet is accessible to 91 percent of the population

It has been found that 91 percent of the population in Nepal has access to internet services. NEA has prepared the report based on the population projection (2011-2030). In the report, NEA has based the total population on 298.76 million.

According to the NEA, the internet service has reached 27.7 million six thousand 711 people till May. Compared to last April, 331,422 more users have been added in May.

Last April, there were 27.37 million more users. According to the statistics, the biggest contributor is mobile internet. As of May, the share of mobile internet is 65.68 percent.

3G Internet has reached more than 12 million 52 thousand. The highest number of telecom is 95 lakh 90 thousand and Ncell is 24 lakh 62 thousand.

Out of 119.56 million users in last April, about 96,000 more 3G users have been added in May.

The share of fixed broadband is 25.27 percent. Of this, ADSL has 785,000 and FTTH Internet has 556,000 more. रासस


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