Delivery of Neta X with a range of 501 km from March, price 52 lakh!

In Kathmandu. Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Hozon Auto's 'Neta X' will come to the Nepali market. CG Motors under Chaudhary Group is going to bring this vehicle to Nepal.

The company has already opened advance bookings for Neta X. According to company sources, more than 150 advance bookings have been received for Neta X in Nepal so far.

The company has also mentioned that this vehicle is coming soon on its website. According to the company, advance booking for this vehicle can be done by paying Rs. 25,000.

“Now all the necessary procedures for import have been completed and two vehicles have gone to Nepal for test drive from China,” the company's assistant general manager Surendra Shahi told Tekpana, “probably they will arrive in the next two to three weeks.”

According to him, three models of Neta X will be available in Nepal, basic with a range of 400 km and basic and intelligent with a range of 5001 km. According to the company, delivery will be given from March to customers who have booked in advance.

Available in the Chinese market in 401 and 501 km range variants, this vehicle is said to be available in both variants in Nepal. The length of Neta X is 4619 mm, width 1860 mm, height 1628 mm and wheelbase 2770 mm.

This vehicle has a maximum power of 163 HP and a maximum torque of 210 Nm. Its ground clearance is said to be 185 mm. The Neta X, which has an automatic transmission system, is equipped with a 72.57 KW lithium-ion battery.

It is said that it will take seven hours to fully charge this battery from a 7 kilowatt AC charger. The maximum speed of Neta X, which has a motor of 100 kilowatts, is up to 150 kilometers per hour.

Features like Automatic Braking System (ABS), Electric Brake Pressure Distribution (EBD), Corner Stability Control (CSC), Hill Stat Assist (HA) can be found in the vehicle, which has six air bags for safety.

Its Nepali market price is estimated to be around 52 lakhs. However, this amount may be less or more after the vehicle arrives in Nepal, according to the company. CG Matters, which is also selling Neta of Hozon Auto, is going to introduce X as the second model of Neta.

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