Dishhome bought Prabhu TV, Internet and IPTV

Dishhome bought Prabhu TV, Internet and IPTV

Dish Media Network has purchased Prabhu TV and Internet. About a month ago, Prabhu TV and Internet Dishhome bought it.

After Dishhome bought Prabhu TV and internet, it will now be branded under the name of Dishhome. Ramesh Sapkota, general manager of Dishhome, said that the migration work is underway after Dishhome bought Prabhu TV and internet.

Prabhu TV, Internet and IPTV used to be operated under Prabhu Group but now it will be operated under Dishhome.

Even though Prabhu IP TV came under Dishhome, it will be sold under the brand of Prabhu IP TV for 1-2 months now, Sapkota told ICT News.

He informed that 50 percent customers of Prabhu Internet have migrated to Dishhome Fiber Net. “Migration has been delayed due to the lockdown,” Sapkota told ICT News. “Migration can be completed in 10 days a week after the lockdown.” Even now we are doing 1-2 migrations a day. ‘

Sapkota said that all have migrated within a month. At present, Prabhu has about 20,000 customers of IP TV and Internet.

Prabhu Group Chairman Devichan Bhattachan has also invested in Dishhome. He said that it could be considered natural as there is investment in Bhattachan’s dish home.

According to Sapkota, with the purchase of Prabhu TV and internet by Dishhome, the possibility of expanding its service across the country has increased.


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