Dishhome’s assistance to Melamchi’s flood-affected sub-dealers

Dishhome’s assistance to Melamchi’s flood-affected sub-dealers

The Melamchi market in Sindhupalchowk was hit by catastrophic floods in the first week of July last year.

More than three dozen houses along the Melamchi River were completely damaged and hundreds of houses were affected. The river was blocked and floods in the settlement including Ledo caused the biggest loss to the traders living in the Melamchi market.

Businesses suffered millions of rupees when flood-damaged shops were flooded and goods were completely damaged due to floods, including the official sub-dealers of Dishhome.

The shop, which has been operating as a dealer-affiliated business since its inception, was reportedly damaged by the floods along with all its equipment, including Dishhome’s equipment (antenna, set-top box). Five sub-dealers of Melamchi have been provided Rs. 1 lakh each as relief.

Manoj Sharma, Regional Sales Manager and Ujwal Neupane, Area Sales Manager have handed over the relief money on behalf of Dishhome.

Relief money has been provided to flood-affected sub-dealers Jhalak Bahadur Pandit, Netra Bahadur Khadka, Dulal Photo Studio, Nawaraj Acharya and Dinesh Baruwal.

The company believes that the relief money will help the affected sub-dealers to get some relief and help them to resume their business.


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