Do not make these seven mistakes, which can quickly damage your smartphone

Mobile phone has become a close friend of people these days. From waking up in the morning until going to sleep in the evening, we use mobile phones many times. Yes, since everything is being digitized recently, a lot of work can be done from mobile.


But the mobile phone connected with our daily life can be damaged by some of our small habits. Unknowingly, we always make some mistakes, which gradually deteriorates our mobile phone. Today we are giving you information about 7 such mistakes, which reduce the life of your mobile.

1. Smartphones at high temperatures

If you leave your smartphone in high or very low temperature for a long time, it will also affect the smartphone badly. Keeping the battery at very high or very low temperatures will degrade the battery quickly. It also causes the device to become full quickly and may cause permanent problems with the device.

Lithium ion batteries are used in today’s modern devices. Keeping it at very high temperature will affect the battery badly. If the device seems to heat up while you are running it, let it cool down. Overheating will damage the device quickly.

2. Using the wrong charger

As all chargers do the same thing, you’d think it would happen when you connect the charger to your device. If any phone’s cable connector fits into your device, we think the device is working fine. Although other chargers charge your device, they do not work as effectively as your device charger.

If you use a charger from another device, your battery life may suffer. It can also damage the charging port of your phone. Not all chargers deliver the same amount of energy and some are of higher quality than others. But saying this does not mean that you should only use the original battery of your device. If you use a good brand of charger, it won’t affect the device that much. The charger should be certified by your phone manufacturer.

3. malicious app download

You should not get any app on playstore or appstore. If not, you have to take additional measures to download the app. But downloading apps from official sources or third-party app stores runs the risk of malware. Malicious apps can infect your device with viruses and spyware and steal private information, passwords and banking details.

Not only this, malicious apps can also give cybercriminals access to your device’s camera and microphone. Most of the time, downloading apps from the official Play Store and Google Store is safe because these platforms are screened. It prevents malware.

4. Remove apps running in the background

Do you keep removing background apps to improve phone performance? It is not very efficient and it will harm your phone’s performance more than it will improve it. Most of us understand that running too many apps in the background slows down the phone, but modern smartphones are built to handle such pressure.

In new smartphones, background apps are running in a very low power state. Therefore, it is better to let these apps run instead of forcefully closing them. Because your phone switches from the active app to the background at low power, so that even when you come back later, it can be used continuously from where you left off. It doesn’t put much pressure on your device but when you close the background app and open it again, it creates more pressure on your device by consuming more power.

5. Ignore the update

We find it annoying when the phone repeatedly sends a notification that a new software update has arrived. But this is an important notification, which allows your device to run smoothly. Generally, such updates are released not only to enhance the user experience, but also to protect against new cyber problems. Ignoring these notifications means welcoming malware attacks.

Not only this, the update also fixes bugs. Therefore, from now on, as soon as the notification of the update comes, please download and install the update on time.

6. Use of public WiFi

New technology has made our daily life modern and comfortable but along with it the threat is also increasing. The use of smartphones, tablets, and advanced computers has now become inevitable. Such devices are mostly connected to the Internet. Therefore, a large group of common people are spending a lot of their significant time in the virtual world. Even in the virtual world there are people of both good and bad nature. Hackers are now a big challenge on the Internet.

Because of this, we have to pay attention to security when we live in the virtual world. It is important to be very careful when we are running a public Wi-Fi network. Running a public Wi-Fi network causes problems such as overheating, malware infections and battery drain.

7. Incorrect charging

As the mobile gets old, the capacity of the battery also decreases. Some bad charging methods can damage the mobile even faster. Allowing the battery to be charged to 100% all the time is also not advisable for a sustained period of time. Since your battery has a limited charge cycle, it will not perform well if it is charged to 100%. If you keep the battery percentage balanced between 30 and 80 percent, the phone battery will be very healthy.

Even when charging the phone, it is advisable to do it in a cool and ventilated place. Charging under a pillow in a sunny place will have a bad effect on the battery.

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