Do this to check if the file you downloaded contains a virus

You may have downloaded files or software from the Internet. How to make sure that the file or software you download is free of viruses?


If you have an anti-virus on your computer, it will know to some extent. But some viruses are not detected even by antivirus. Today we are giving information about it.

The first way is to go to any search engine. After that Open the site. At Virus Total you have three options.

First file, second URL and third search. If you want to check whether a file has a virus, first go to and click on the file. Then go to Choose File, select the file and scan.

If someone has scanned that file before that, you can go to reanalyze and scan it. Then you will see a report. If there is a detection result of zero, then the file does not have a virus.

If there is a virus, it shows a number other than zero. If there is a virus in that file, you can see which virus it is.

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