Do you use Tiktok? Pay attention to these things

Recently, Tiktok has become very popular. From children to old age, everyone uses tickets. Tiktok looks familiar as a shirt video sharing platform.


Many people are creating content on Tiktok. But sometimes Tik Tok content creators have to lose accounts with thousands of floors by not paying attention to something.

There is only one way to avoid Tiktok account ban, that is, not to violate Tiktok’s Community Guidelines. If you repeatedly violate the Community Guidelines of Tiktok, your Tiktok account may be permanently closed.

Why does Tiktok ban users?

Before knowing why Tiktok bans, it is important to understand why they have ban policy. Users use this platform for entertainment and to show their creativity.

Different people with different interests are using Tiktok. Therefore, community guidelines are made so that all users follow the same rules.

If you violate the Community Guidelines 2-3 times, you will receive a warning. But when you start repeating the same lane many times then the account gets banned. This is done to ensure that Tiktok is safe for all users.

What kind of content is banned on Tiktok?

Content containing drugs, alcohol, bullying, nudity, sexual content etc. cannot be placed on Tiktok. If you repeatedly share such inappropriate content, you may get banned.

If you make a mistake 1-2 times, your account will not be closed, but if you make a mistake repeatedly, your account will be closed. If there is a serious mistake, the account may be closed quickly.

If you are going to create content on Tik Tok, keep the following things in mind. We are giving information about what kind of content violates TikTok’s community guidelines and may be banned.

1. Affecting public safety

If you use TikTok and post content that promotes or incites any kind of violence, your account will be suspended.

Do not post content that incites violence, supports or encourages terrorism as it is against the Community Guidelines.

2. Sexual content

If you post material that promotes sexual activity, your account may be terminated. So do not share sexual exploitation, nudity and obscene content.

Because Tiktok is a minor, the account will be banned if the content is seen to be loose and nudity. Therefore, if you share a post and are minor on this platform, you should pay attention to such content.

3. Self-harming content

Tiktok does not allow content to be shared in any way that harms itself. Because we take things like self-harm like suicide, self-harm and eating disorders seriously, if you post such content or share a video that encourages doing so, your account will be banned. Do not post hobbies or games that affect people.

4. Share violent or graphic content

Tiktok has prohibited the posting of videos that cause harm, such as beatings, violence against animals or people.

Tiktok made this guideline because even children below 18 years of age use Tiktok. Posting such content will result in account ban.

5. Encouraging illegal activities

If you post illegal activities on Tiktok, your account may be closed. It is prohibited to post content that physically harms, human exploitation, illegal hunting of wild animals or anything that violates the law.

Similarly, if you post content that promotes the use of weapons, hard liquor, drugs and tobacco, Tiktok will also ban you.

6. Threatening posts

Hacking or backmailing content is also against TikTok’s guidelines. If you share content that threatens to release information including personal phone number, email, bank statement, social security number and passport number, your account will be banned.

7. Spreading false information

The Tiktok account may also be closed if you keep content that is spamming or showing fake engagement. The activity of buying and selling followers, views, likes, shares and comments goes against the guidelines of Tiktok.

Opening an account with someone’s details for the purpose of misleading people is also likely to be banned.

Ban even if you don’t make a mistake!

Sometimes Tiktok bans accounts that should not be banned. Tiktok has referred to the wrong ban as a human moderation error.

If Tiktok has banned the account despite doing nothing wrong, then in such a case an appeal can be made. In such a case, the possibility of getting the account back is uncertain. You may or may not get it back.

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