Does IKEA Sell Murphy Cabinet Beds?

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While they offer nearly every home good you can think of, IKEA does not sell Murphy cabinet beds. Why has the Swedish furniture giant chosen to steer clear of this market? As with many other products, it mainly comes down to construction materials.

Does IKEA Sell Murphy Cabinet Beds?

While they offer nearly every home good you can think of, IKEA does not sell Murphy cabinet beds. Why has the Swedish furniture giant chosen to steer clear of this market? As with many other products, it mainly comes down to construction materials.

The Takeaway:

  • IKEA does not sell Murphy cabinet beds
  • Murphy cabinet beds are a very unique space-saving bed option
  • Due to the unique functionality, Murphy cabinet beds require high-quality construction materials as well as a high-quality mattress.
  • Where you find a Murphy cabinet bed instead

How would you describe walking into an IKEA? For many people, walking into the nearest IKEA is filled with excitement and anticipation. It feels like you are walking through a portal into a strange world where the products have names you can’t pronounce, meatballs–not candy–are sold at the cash register, and prices are shockingly low. However, if you enter your local IKEA on the hunt for a Murphy cabinet bed, there is a different feeling you would encounter: disappointment. Why? Because IKEA does not sell Murphy cabinet beds.

That’s right, while the Swedish furniture giant has you covered from spatulas to sofas, they have not dabbled in Murphy cabinet beds. IKEA does not sell Murphy cabinet beds. And, while there are plenty of videos online showing how IKEA furniture can be retrofitted into custom applications such as Murphy beds, this is not recommended. So, while you’re enjoying some meatballs at the cafeteria, take a look at the reasons why IKEA has stayed out of the Murphy cabinet bed market and where you should look instead.

What is a Murphy Cabinet Bed?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, first let’s define what a Murphy cabinet bed is as well as what it is not. A Murphy cabinet bed is a unique, space-saving piece of furniture that allows you to transform any room of your home into a guest bedroom in a matter of seconds. At its core, the purpose of a Murphy cabinet bed is to allow you to get more use out of your space by adding a mattress without a dedicated bedroom. In this regard it is similar to a standard Murphy bed. While it is similar to a Murphy bed in this regard, it also has a few unique characteristics.

Daisy Murphy Cabinet Bed in White finish

First of all, Murphy cabinet beds are freestanding, meaning you don’t need to mount them to the wall. This is very unique as virtually all other Murphy beds must be mounted into the wall. This is especially useful if you are in a rental situation where you are not allowed to make holes in the walls.

Next, Murphy cabinet beds are much smaller than a standard Murphy bed. Where a standard queen Murphy bed might be about 65.5″ W x 87″ H x 16″ D, a Murphy cabinet bed is as small as 36.6″ H x 64.1″ W x 26.4″ D. This is a considerable difference as a Murphy bed takes up nearly the full height of a room where a Murphy cabinet bed only requires about 36″-42″.

Finally, Murphy cabinet bed mattresses are very unique. Where a Murphy bed mattress is very similar to a regular mattress, a Murphy cabinet bed mattress is a 6″ thick tri-fold mattress that folds into thirds and stows away inside the belly of the cabinet. This means you don’t have nearly as many options for a mattress, but this is the price you pay for such a compact guest mattress solution. And, probably the most shocking part of the Murphy cabinet bed mattress is that they are actually incredibly comfortable.

Now that you know more about what a Murphy cabinet bed is, why can’t you find one at IKEA?

Why Doesn’t IKEA Offer Murphy Cabinet Beds?

Construction Materials

Murphy cabinet beds are different from other furniture in that the entire piece opens and transforms–in some instances it does this every day. Then, once the cabinet is open, it has to be able to bear enough weight for adults to sleep on. Because of this, it’s critically important that the construction materials are durable. This means real wood, which is a far cry from IKEAs mode of operation.

A good rule to remember is that furniture can be measured with three criteria: cost, quality, and style. And it is nearly impossible for a furniture manufacturer to excel in more than two of those criteria. IKEAs furniture checks two boxes: stylish and cost-effective. It is not designed to be sturdy and strong. Most of IKEAs furniture is built from particle board with a plastic veneer, this is how they achieve cost-effectiveness and style, which is what we’ve come to expect! It’s just not a strong and durable construction method.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why IKEA has stayed away from Murphy cabinet beds as they would require a different type of construction material from everything else IKEA builds.

Murphy Cube Cabinet BedCube Murphy Cabinet Bed in Cherry Finish

The Mattress

The mattress used on a Murphy cabinet bed is very unique. Murphy cabinet beds are some of the most compact pieces of space-saving beds on the market, which means a queen mattress has to work in unique ways to fit. Our Murphy cabinet beds have a 6” thick gel-infused memory foam tri-fold mattress. This incredibly unique mattress sleeps comfortably, and stows easily into the cabinet when the bed is not in use.

These mattresses are vastly different from a normal mattress, and the quality of the foam is paramount. With a tri-fold mattress, the mattress is in three segments, with seams between each of the segments. Because of this, a high-quality foam must be used, otherwise the seams can be felt by the people sleeping on the bed.

Now that you know a little more about what makes Murphy cabinet beds unique, and why IKEA doesn’t sell them, one important question remains: where should you buy one? Wilding Wallbeds is pleased to offer several all wood Murphy cabinet beds in multiple different finish options. We ship nationwide, and with our incredible customer service you can rest assured that, should any issues arise, you can call and speak with a real human being to help you solve the problem. Take a look at a few of our most popular Murphy cabinet bed options below.

Clover Murphy Cabinet BedClover Murphy Cabinet Bed
Poppy Cabinet BedPoppy Murphy Cabinet Bed
Sagebrush Murphy Cabinet BedSagebrush Murphy Cabinet Bed
Cube Murphy Cabinet BedCube Murphy Cabinet Bed

More Questions?

We’re happy to help answer any questions you have about our Murphy Cabinet Beds.

Daisy Murphy Cabinet BedDaisy Murphy Cabinet Bed

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