Does the laptop get too hot while using it? Here’s how to stop it

Don’t worry if your device heats up frequently while working on a laptop. Electronic devices tend to heat up in summer.


Many times even after working on the laptop for a long time, the device starts getting hot. Today we are giving you information about the reasons for overheating of the laptop and its solution.

Why is the laptop hot?

If your laptop is getting too hot while working, there is a possibility that the fan is not working properly due to the dust in the cooling fan. This could be the main reason why your laptop gets hot.

Along with this, if you are not using the laptop’s original charger while charging the laptop, that can also be a sufficient reason for the laptop to heat up. Along with this, there are some other reasons due to which your laptop may be heating up.

Cause of cooling system not working properly

If the intake grill or exhaust port of your laptop is blocked due to dust or the fan is not running properly, your laptop may overheat. In addition, the laptop may not be cooling properly due to bad thermal paste.

A thermal pad or thermal paste connects your CPU or GPU to a metal heat sink, which is connected to a fan and helps cool the device. It helps to reduce the temperature of CPU and GPU.

How to prevent laptop from overheating?

Due to dust, intake grill or exhaust port and fan are often blocked. In this case, you should clean its dust properly so that the cooling system can work properly.

If possible, you can avoid this problem if you get the laptop checked in time at an official service center.

Use the original charger

If possible, use the original charger to charge the laptop. Also, try to use the laptop less while charging.

If your laptop heats up quickly while charging, unplug it immediately. If so, even after removing the battery from the laptop, the device heats up less.

Place the laptop on a flat and solid surface

While working on the laptop, keep it on a flat and solid surface. Most of the time we work with the laptop on the desk, pillow and bed.

It closes the intake of the laptop. Due to this reason, the temperature increases and the laptop starts heating up. If you work with the laptop on a flat and solid surface, the device can get air and cool down easily.

Use a laptop cooling pad

Laptop cooling pads are external accessories that are used to keep the laptop cool. In order to choose which cooling pad to buy for your laptop, you need to look at which part of the laptop the air intake port is on your system.

Note: If your laptop is made of metal body, it usually gets hot during summer season. In such cases, if possible, work in an area with a fan, AC or cooler running. It controls the temperature of your laptop.

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