Does your computer run Windows 11 or not? Find out how easy it is

Does your computer run Windows 11 or not? Find out how easy it is

Microsoft released Windows 11 last Thursday. Windows 11 was unveiled with a new user interface and new features.

Windows 10 users will get Windows 11 free upgrade facility. But Microsoft says Windows 11 requires a certain minimum system.

According to Microsoft, to run Windows 11, you need to have 1 GHz with 64 bit processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, UEFI secure boot capable, TPM version 2.0.

The beta version of Windows 11 will be available this week, the company said. Do you know if Windows 11 runs on your computer or not? If you don’t know, today we are giving you information about an easy way to find out.

To find out if your computer is running Windows 11 or not click here Do it Then scroll down to the bottom and there you are ‘Check for Compatibility’ You will see the section.

Along with ‘Check for Compatibility’ there’s another download app The next section will appear. Click on the download app and download the app. Then install the downloaded app (Windows PC Health Check).

After installing there Check now That option will appear and click on the Check Now option. After clicking on that option, you will get information about whether Windows 11 is running on your computer or not.


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