Driver’s license examination has been relaxed, with the pass rate expected to reach at least 50 percent

Driver’s license examination has been relaxed, with the pass rate expected to reach at least 50 percent

With less than one-third of the participants passing the driver’s license exam, at least half of them will pass.

The Department of Transport Management is trying to increase the passing rate by making the examination loose through the ‘Driver’s License Examination Operating Procedure Guideline, 2077 BS’.

When the examination system was strict, it was relaxed after many participants failed. Dr. Loknath Bhushal, spokesperson of the department, said that both the written and experimental changes have been made in the driver’s license examination.

Questions are posted on the department’s website for the written test. Spokesperson Dr Bhushal said that the Transport Management Office would extract 25 questions from the 500 questions posted on the website.

It is mentioned in the criteria from which section how many questions are asked. He said that the office will conduct the examination by printing questions on the same basis. According to the new criteria, the number required to pass the exam has been increased for the written exam and reduced for the experimental exam.

Earlier, the participants had to bring 100 percent marks in the experimental examination, but now it is enough to bring 70 marks. In order to make it easier for the examinees, the number required to pass the experimental examination has been reduced.

He said, “As the written test comes with limited questions, the pass mark has been increased from 50 to 60 now.” In the experimental test, the participants do not pass even if they make a simple mistake.

Spokesperson Dr Bhushal said that there is no need to make a mistake in any of the eight bases in the experimental test and even if there is a small mistake in some of them, it will be passed.

There is a provision to give a discount even if the vehicle is stopped once or the lights are not turned on in the turn when you touch the yellow stripe. He said, “It will fail if there is a mistake in stopping on the hill.”

The department has stated that the examination system is being made easier as our examination system is more difficult than in India, China, UK, USA and other countries.

In other countries, the pass rate is up to 60-70 percent, while in Nepal, only 25-30 percent of the participants have passed. The department is trying to loosen the examination system saying that the number of accidents has increased due to drivers in Nepal.

Dr. Bhushal, spokesperson of the department, said that the driver’s behavior caused the accident and had nothing to do with the accident examination system. He said that no study has shown that the number of accidents increases when the examination system is weak.

Accidents are caused by the driver unknowingly or due to negligence. The driver was found driving under the influence of alcohol.

He said, “No driver goes on the road without being mature. Everyone loves life.” Even though the department has already implemented the criteria, the examination will be conducted in the new system as the transport office is closed now. As the criteria has been implemented since May, some amendments were made in July.

According to the new system, the pass rate is expected to reach at least 50 percent

At present, when the pass rate is low, there is a tendency to try to get a license illegally and it is expected to control it. Spokesperson Dr. Bhushal said that if the service recipients could not pass by doing something, they would look for alternatives even if they had to spend a little.

Similarly, the transport office is always crowded when the same person has to go for exams from time to time. With the increase in pass rate, there will be no shortage of drivers in the market.

Spokesperson Dr Bhushal said that the office was in trouble when the same service recipient had to provide the same service all the time. He said, “It is the duty of the state to fulfill the wishes of the people without any risk.”

Earlier, the department had made an arrangement for the service recipients participating in the written test to participate in the experimental test twice if they did not pass it once. It has been given continuity even in the new criteria. रासस


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