Drone crash while inaugurating CAN Infotech

Kathmandu. During the opening session of the 29th edition of CAN Infotech organized by the Computer Association Nepal Federation (CAN Federation), a drone that rained flowers met with an accident.

A drone crashed during the opening ceremony of the Information and Technology Exhibition 2080 held at the National Hall on Thursday. Organizer CAN Federation used mobile app for lamp lighting and drone for showering flowers.

At the same time, the drone flying from the dash of the program was showering flowers towards the audience. At the same time, the drone crashed while approaching the 'first wave'. The drone fell where the audience was, but there was no human damage.

Can used the drones of Madhu's drone service for the flower shower. According to a technician of Madhu Drone Service who participated in the opening session, the drone fell down when one of the batteries suddenly went down.

“Before, it showed that the battery was full,” the technician told Tekpana, “The battery in the drone has four cells. All cells are four volts. One of them was completely down. That's why it fell when the battery suddenly went down.”

The technician said that even if there is a problem with a cell, the problem is when the battery is shown as full. “If one cell goes down, it cannot support the drone and it suddenly falls,” he added.

The drone is made by Drone Services in Madhu. Although some claim that there is a technology to block the radiation of drones in the hall, he says that there is no such thing. He said, “It is not known that there is a frequency in Nepal that can destroy such a drone.”

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