DRS won the title of the PUBG tournament beating the teams from Mongolia and Bangladesh

Kathmandu. The title of 'DRS Winter Showdown' has been won by the organizer DRS Gaming. In the finals that lasted from January 15 to January 17, 'DRS Gaming' won the title by bringing a total of 165 points including five chicken dinners and 94 elimination points in 18 games.

In the same way, the second place in the score table was 'Tribe Aromasy' and the third place was 'Hora E-Sports'. He collected 157 points of 'Tribe Aromasy' and 148 points of 'Hora E-Sports'. Mongolian team 'Sky Force' finished fourth.

Eleven Nepali teams, three Mongolian teams and two Bangladeshi teams competed in the finals of the competition. There were four Nepali teams in the top five of the points table.

The prize money of this competition was five lakh rupees. The winning team 'DRS Gaming' won 92 thousand 300 rupees. Similarly, the second team 'Tribe Aromasy' won Rs 65,650 and the third team 'Hora E-Sports' won Rs 52,000.

'DRS Gaming' and 'Tribe Aromacy', who are in the first and second places in the points table, have also made it to the 'Pubji Mobile Super League South Asia Qualifier'.

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