Easily change your voice in this way

Easily change your voice in this way

Some people even change their voice after uploading a video to Tiktak. They also call it privacy and security.

For whatever purpose, Tiktak has provided a voice change feature for those who do not want to record a video in their own voice. The ‘Voice Effect’ feature can change the voice.

To use the voice effect, it must be recorded in your own voice. This effect is not allowed on music videos.

After opening the ticket, go to the plus sign at the bottom and click on it, which will start recording the video. The video can then be recorded by pressing the record button.

If you want to pause in the middle of the video, you can pause by right-clicking. Then click on the voice effect in the upper right.

Then a window pops up from below and then you can add your favorite effect by listening one by one. If you don’t like any of them, you have to press the ‘Nun’ option on the left side.

Here you can also put stickers or text. Then tap Next and press Finish. The video can then be saved or posted.

TickTock has various voice effects to change the sound which are as follows:

१. Chipmunks: This is a very high pitch sound.

२. Baritone: It tends to be a very deep and masculine voice.

३. Mike: It’s like talking on a physical microphone.

४. Robot: It will sound like a robot.

५. Low battery: A dull sound like the battery is draining out.

६. Vibrate: Your voice sounds like a vibration.

७. Electronic: It sounds like an electric sound added to your voice.

८. Echo: This effect is echoed in every word or sentence.

९. Synthesis: It’s like putting a synthesizer in your voice. It sounds like 1980s music.

१०. Helium: Has a higher pitch than chipmunk. It comes as if you were eating helium from a balloon.

११. Giant: It has a deeper sound than a giant monster in effect.

१२. Sound webs: It sounds like a synth and has an electronic type of sound.

How to put a voice effect in a draft

The video in the draft can also be edited later. First you have to click on your Me Too tab. Then you can choose a draft from your list.

When the post option appears, press the back option in the upper left. Once the video starts playing, click on the voice effects option in the upper right. The video can then be edited and posted using the same procedure as above.


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