Eliminate the obligation to pay vehicle tax and go to the office online from Bagmati

Vehicle tax in Bagmati can be paid online, no need to go to the office

Vehicles registered in Bagmati Pradesh can be taxed and renewed online. Although it was planned to start some time ago, the online service has started from Friday due to technical problems.

The online service was inaugurated by Bagmati Chief Minister Dormani Poudel at a function on Friday.

Rajan Pokharel, information officer at the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of Bagmati, said that the work of paying tax and renewing vehicles registered in Bagmati can be done online.

Vehicles registered in other states but paid and renewed from Bagmati will also be able to pay and renew taxes online.

Website of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development Traffic System Information System (TIMES) And arrangements have been made to pay and renew vehicle tax from the citizen app.

After paying the vehicle tax online, the taxpayer will have to go to the transport office once. He informed that he has to go to the office of his choice while paying taxes.

According to the online payment procedure, the tax amount can be paid online and you have to reach the transport office within a month to update and verify the bill book. Once verified, you don’t have to go to the transport office from next year.

“Even if you pay taxes online in the first year, you have to go to the office,” he said. “You have to go until the vehicle records are updated on the computer.” Once I went and updated, I didn’t have to go and update from next year. ‘

Taxes can now be paid and renewed through Connect IPS. Other service providers and banks are also planned to be added.

Receipt with QR code can be downloaded after payment. By scanning the code, the traffic police will be able to see all the details of the vehicle including renewal and tax.

A traffic app has also been developed for scanning. This will also eliminate the problem of carrying a blue book.

Pokharel said that with the launch of the online system, the long queue at the office to pay and renew vehicle taxes will end. ‘The service recipient is also comfortable. It also makes it easier for us to manage the office, ‘he said.

He said that even though online payment service is available now, there are plans to make it possible for vehicles to be registered and apply for registration in the future. He says that he is thinking of making the transport office technology friendly by ending the compulsion to go to the office carrying a backpack.


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