Emoji is becoming a language, the report says – emoji users are ‘funny’

Emoji is becoming a language, the report says – emoji users are ‘funny’

You already know about emoji. The symbolic shapes that we use in the digital world to show various reactions such as happiness, sadness, laughter etc.

Emoji has come a long way in our smartphones and keyboards. These digital characters are becoming a part of our daily lives.

It has changed the way we communicate with our family, friends, strangers on the Internet, and in the professional arena. It helps to add meaningful information and emotions to the message.

Emoji becoming a language

There are currently 3,521 emojis being used around the world. Emojis such as smileys, symbols, flags, place emojis, food and beverage icons are very popular. Compared to 2015, our emoji usage has increased by 40 percent.

Emoji can express a lot more than we write. It also reveals the hidden side of the message we wrote. According to Adobe’s 2021 Global Emoji Trends report, 67 percent of users find that emoji users are more fun and friendly when communicating daily.

76% of emoji users worldwide say that emojis play a vital role in maintaining unity, respect and recognition in communication.

Experts also say that emojis have different meanings according to different nations, races, ages and cultures. Now, during the epidemic, the syringe has been converted from a blood draw to an injection in iOS 14.5. That’s why emojis are so important. Emoji nowadays includes all castes and genders, saying that everyone should be treated equally.

emojico future

Experts say that the use of emoji will continue to increase in the coming days, but there will be some differences in the process of using it.

Companies plan to add more emojis in the future to create more expressive systems. A system for everyone to use emoji easily will also be developed.

Experts say that the existing emojis are still being modified. Emoji will continue to evolve as digital text continues to be used for a long time.


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