Epidemic changed learning style, online reduced fees

Epidemic changed learning style, online reduced fees

The Corona epidemic has made a huge difference in human activities before and after 2019. Although the activities of the human community seem to have been stable for a month while the epidemic is spreading terror all over the world, the rhythms of the past have started to catch up with the alternative means.

Despite the difficulties in physical presence due to the epidemic, the international community is trying to regularize its work through the use of technology.

People in every corner of the globe are now using the same technology to bring themselves closer together.

Despite the second wave of the Corona epidemic, educational, social and economic activities have gained momentum in recent times.

Technology is facilitating everything from teaching, research to business. Educational institutions have continued their activities using various software. Teachers and students are also getting used to it.

Regular academic sessions of schools and universities have progressed through online medium. Not only theoretical classes but also experimental subjects are being conducted online regularly. Lately, preparation classes for entrance exams for various subjects have also been conducted online.

“By the time of the second wave of Covid, students and teachers have developed a good habit of teaching / learning in the online classroom,” said Bikki Chhantyal, founder of Clamphook Academy, an organization that conducts engineering entrance exam preparation classes.

Clamphook Academy has been conducting online entrance exam preparation classes for engineering. The technology-friendly behavior and thinking seen among students and teachers over the past year and the results of online teaching and learning are said to be encouraging.

Online classes have not only changed the mindset of ordinary citizens, they have also saved time and money. Some schools, universities and institutes have also reduced fees. Students have been able to buy technology from the reduced fees of educational institutions.

Clamphook Academy has also reduced the fees for engineering entrance exam preparation classes after conducting online classes. Students have been able to take preparatory classes at low fees.

“The organization that runs the preparatory class has been charging over Rs 20,000 for the entrance class of engineering for the last eight to ten years,” said Chhantyal, the director of the Clamphook Academy.

He said that the organization has been able to run the classroom at a minimum fee as the physical classroom requires house rent, classroom management expenses and a large number of staff.

According to Biplav Gautam, a computer engineer and another founder, Clamphook’s group has an engineering background and not only online classes but also the highest use of technology in Clamphook.

‘Clamphook is also conducting sample weekly examinations as part of the structure of the Institute of Engineering Studies’, he said. रासस


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