Establishment of e-learning center in Bhojpur campus

Former Finance Minister Shankar Prasad Koirala’s team has established an e-learning center at the Angik campus of Tribhuvan University in the home district Bhojpur headquarters.


With the help of Ishwar Mandir Kathmandu, which is itself a patron, Koirala’s team provided necessary materials including computers for the campus, and the center came into operation from today.

Sanket Koirala, General Secretary of Ishwar Mandir Kathmandu, said that the team has been supporting the necessary materials for the operation of e-learning centers in most of the schools in the district, but now they have provided support for the operation of the e-learning center in Bhojpur campus.

General Secretary Koirala said, ‘In the era of modern technology, students now need computers more than pens and pencils, so the campaign has been started with the aim of starting computer education in educational institutions.’

With the establishment of the e-learning center in the campus, the students have also been helped in their studies. While the parents are sending their children to private schools because of the poor quality of the public schools, the team including the former finance minister Koirala has come to improve the education of the public schools in Bhojpur.

If you have the will, even if you are not within reach, you can do something for your home district, as an example, the team including Shankar Prasad Koirala, who was the finance minister in the interim cabinet of the Khilraj Regmi government, has shown.

Koirala’s team has already provided computers and other materials to institutions such as Vidyodaya High School in Bhojpur Municipality, Janaseva Basic School, Saraswati Basic School, Adarsh ​​Shishu Basic School, Sagarmatha High School in Hatuwagadhi Rural Municipality, Arun High School in Shadanand Municipality, and Sharda High School in Arun Rural Municipality.

Thir Bahadur Khatri, chairman of Public Service Basic School Management Committee, said that the support provided by former finance minister Koirala’s team to the schools of Bhojpur, which started the campaign ‘Students along, computers in hand’, was important in educational reform. Former Finance Minister Koirala said that this support will continue in other schools of Bhojpur in the coming days as well.

“It is not just about teaching like in the past, now technology-friendly e-learning centers should also be established in schools, we have started a support campaign for that,” said Koirala.

Professor Indra Raut says that the support provided by former Finance Minister Koirala’s team to make the educational institutions of the district technology-friendly is important.

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