Euro Cup reached a new ‘record’ in Nepali internet traffic, up to 49 GB per second

Euro Cup reached a new ‘record’ in Nepali internet traffic, reaching 49 GB per second

A big celebration is going on for football fans at this time. Due to the different games under the Euro Cup and Copa Am अमेरिकाrica at the same time, they are ready to schedule.

There are four games under Euro and Copa starting at 9:45 pm Nepali time till 7:45 am. Nepali football fans seem to be busy watching these games even if it is overnight. Such busyness of football fans has set a new ‘record’ on Nepal’s internet.

The record-breaking day is July 15. On that day, there were two round 16 games in the Euro Cup, between France and Switzerland and between England and Germany.

In these two very competitive games, 17 goals were scored including penalties. When the first match between France and Switzerland started at 9.45 am, Nepal’s internal internet traffic was on the rise.

According to Internet Exchange Nepal (NPIX), which measures internal internet traffic in Nepal, internet traffic reached 49.889 GB per second during the game. According to Rupesh Shrestha, chief executive chairman of the organization, this is still the highest internet traffic in Nepal.

“During the Euro Cup, there was a tendency for traffic to increase at the same time and gradually decrease at intervals and then increase again after the start of the game,” he said.

Under normal circumstances, Nepal’s internal internet traffic is 12 GB per second. However, the average has recently increased to 15 GB. Shrestha has the experience of increasing Nepal’s internal internet traffic with the start of big football games.

“Even before this, the traffic had increased to 32 Gbps during the 2018 World Cup,” he said. That was the previous record in internal internet consumption in Nepal.

Shrestha says that even when the service providers have been hosting internet content like Euro Cup in Nepal recently, the internal internet traffic has increased. On the other hand, it has benefited Nepal financially, he said.

“When hosting inside Nepal, when there is no international bandwidth consumption, a large amount of money is prevented from coming from outside,” he said. He informed that the practice of hosting popular internet content in Nepal by keeping cache server has also been increasing recently.

He understands that the facility to watch television through Over the Top (OTT) has also strengthened it. Now users can watch television through apps like Dis Home Go, Net TV, Bhaya TV, Prabhu TV.

Internet service providers are also providing television facilities to their users based on the Internet. Shrestha argues that the trend of watching television through internet usage has also increased the traffic.

He said that this would ultimately benefit Nepal. NPIX evaluates Nepal’s internal internet traffic based on data from its members. It currently has about four dozen members.

Its members are the country’s leading telecom and internet service providers, government bodies related to information technology, and hosting service providers. This is today’s news Gorkhapatra Regmi has an account in the daily.


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