European made CG dishwasher and washing machine in Nepali market

European made CG dishwasher and washing machine in Nepali market

CG has recently designed and manufactured washing machines and dishwashers in Europe and brought them to the Nepali market. Because they are produced in Europe, these materials have a variety of features as well as a very attractive appearance.

Digital drive motor is a feature of this washing machine. The company says that this machine will save electricity in the house and will run very peacefully.

It uses a pearl drum. Which takes care of the clothes and washes them cleanly and also prolongs the life of the clothes. It also has a program called Allergy Safe.

This program removes various allergens from the clothes and keeps the clothes clean. Since this washing machine is in boomerang body sep, washing clothes reduces vibration.

It also has an ecology system. This system consumes less electricity and water even when the machine is operated at low load.

This washing machine has 15 housing programs so you can use any program you want.

The company claims that this washing machine will be very useful in the monsoon season as it will dry the clothes inside itself after washing the clothes. The company has also provided a 10-year motor warranty on its purchase.

Similarly, the disasters designed and manufactured in other Europe are available in the market in 12 place setting and 15 place setting.

These displays will be easy to use as they have a display screen and a touch screen. It also has various washing programs.

Both of these models have a wide variety of features. These features include Steam Wass, Auto Door Technology, VLDC Technology, Jet Wass, Dual Pro Wass and Half Load Options.

With the help of steam vas cut-off utensils, which are very difficult to wash by hand, such utensils can easily generate steam and keep them hygienic and give clean results. Similarly, there is another auto door technology.

This feature frees the washed utensils from the hassle of drying. This will open the door automatically after washing the dishes and will give perfect drawing performance by expelling the steam inside and letting in the outside air.

It also features BLDC technology or hydro power, which helps save home water, motor energy and time. With the help of Dual Pro Vase, the dishes are washed with two separate water pressures and the dishes are thoroughly cleaned.

Similarly, there is another Jetwas feature. The company says it will clean less dirty dishes in just 14 minutes. With half load option technology, the dishes can be washed using only the bottom basket or the top basket in the dishwasher.

It also saves both energy and water. The company has also given a 3-year motor warranty in 15 place settings and a 1-year warranty in 12 place settings for the purchase of Disavasar.


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