Even in Google Bard, photos will be prepared just by typing the word

Kathmandu. Google's chatbot bard can be used to create photos with words. Google has made this feature available in Bard since Thursday. Along with this, Google said that now the user can prepare a photo based on the prompt.

The company has included the Gemini Pro Large Language model in Bard. So that you can create photos based on words.

Lately, Google has been competing hard with OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus. ChatGPT Plus is based on the GPT Four model. It also includes Dali, so that users can create photos with words.

In case of ChatGPT Plus, the user has to pay a fee. However, Google is going to provide this feature for free. Earlier, it was only a feature to know about a photo by uploading it to Bard.

With the release of this feature, pornographic photos of singer Taylor Shift are going viral on social network X. It is not clear whether those photos were prepared by Bard himself or by other tools.

Google has been claiming that Bard has the ability to take photos in a responsible manner. To use Google Bard click here do it

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